DAY 1 _ 20/09_7.00pm 
by Sidonie Duret /  Jérémy Martinez / Emillie Szikora

'Jean-Yves, Patrick and Corinne' is a trio for five dancers creating movement with urgency and over-enthusiasm. Plunging into the energy of 80s clubbing, these ever changing trios raise the question of collective energy and how bodies can adapt and interchange.

Expect sweat, aerobics and good beats!!!

Choreographers: Sidonie Duret /  Jérémy Martinez / Emillie Szikora

Dancers: Sidonie Duret /  Jérémy Martinez / Emillie Szikora / Alexander Standard / Adriano Coletta

Light designs: Léa Maris       

Costumes: Paul Andriamanana

Music: Wilfrid Haberey   

Production: Collectif ÈS                 

DAY 2 _ 21/09_7.00pm 
SCARABEO, Angles and theVoid
by Andrea Costanzo Martini
YRM_3004Photo by Yair Meyuhas.jpg

In the setting of a performance, the price and the pleasure of becoming an object are revealed.


'SCARABEO, Angles and the Void' invites you to a joyous duet where friendship is a game as much as a duel and where your perceptions will be challenged.

Choreographer:  Andrea Costanzo Martini

Dancers: Andrea Costanzo Martini /Avidan Ben-Giat

Light Designer: Yoav Barel

Drama: Yael Biegon-Citron

Rehearsal Manager: Melanie Barson 

Music: Binya Reches  

Costumes: Nir Benita & Idan Lederman 

Production: Roy Bedarshi

DAY 3 _ 22/09_7.00pm 
by Sylvain Bouillet

Des gestes blancs (white gestures) is a duo for a man and a child.

Playing with the imbalance of their bodies and weights, a father and a son try to find precision and take a chance on tenderness.


Based on improvisation and play, this duo intended for family audiences subtly questions how affiliation and fatherhood can be represented on stage.


Cheerful and touching, these white gestures will connect you with your inner child.

Choreography:  Sylvain Bouillet

Dancers: Charlie Bouillet & Sylvain Bouillet

Drama: Lucien Reynès

Light designer: Pauline Guyonnet

Artistic support: Sara Vanderieck

Music: Christophe Ruetsch

Co-production: Les Hivernales–CDCN (Avignon), Le Cratère(Alès), the CCN Malandain Ballet Biarritz,

Le Pacifique–CDCN (Grenoble)

With the support: KLAP -Maison pour la danse(Marseille), Agora –Cité internationale de la danse(Montpellier). DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) region, city of Avignon.

DAY 1 _ 20/09_6.30pm OUTDOORS 
65 km 
by Eleftheria Agapaki

People were always moving. But now we are running all the time.

In a frantic dizziness gear we try to exist, coexist and build relationships with the people around us.Without a breath, sometimes alone, and sometimes with others, we draw paths that often become circles intersecting with the boundaries of ourselves. And if we ignore them to continue without interruption, then we will be exhausted. These issues of speed, boundaries and human relationships are addressed by the choreography '65 km' by Eleftheria Agapaki, created for the Annual Presentation of the National Opera School of Dance (2019). 

Dancers: Xrisula Dimaki, Sofia Zervaku, Akis Kalabokis, Sofia Koskina, Eleni Miriagu, Stella-Jasmine Pagiati,, Nektarios Ramias, Petros Tsofilas, Maria Filipu, Orfeas Hatzispiru, Alexandra Xrisikopulu

Music: Pink Floyd_ One of these Days

Photos: Eleni Kanaki, Valeria Isaeva, Dimitris Sakalakis

at Keramikos metro Station


by Andrea C.Martini & Avidan Ben Giat
DAY 1 _ 20/09 WORKSHOP 

A workshop for young participants led by Andrea C.Martini and Avidan Ben Giat!

The workshop starts with a warm up based on improvisation through very physical tasks that will engage the children into exploring specific movement qualities that relate to the piece Scarabeo. 

Explosive power, form, delicacy, speed, groove, rhythm, exaggeration are some of the keywords that will be used. The young dancers will be challenged to seek the connection between their fantasy and the resulting movement. 

In the second part of the workshop, Andrea C.Martini and Avidan Ben Giat will concentrate on the choreography “SCARABEO’ learning some sequence and especially focusing on the main subject of the work which is the relation between gesture and sound and the theatrical aspect of it. 

Can we embody noise? Can we become a sound? And are we able to transform a soundtrack into our best ally in a fight for attention? 

In Collaboration with 'Magia Dimopoulou Dance School'


Appropriate ages: 15-17 years old

Number of participants: 20

Location: Magia Dimopoulou Dance School

Information number: 21 0345 8332